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After studying art with great success in Odessa and Athens, she came to France. She is, without doubt, the most prominent mosaic artist and has lived there since 1996. Her mother Jeanne, who set up the first Fine Arts Academy in Odessa and the first private home based school in the Ukraine, has been her inspiration. Given her multiple talents, at an early age Larissa chose mosaics and was immediately noticed due to her mastery of chromatic combinations and her capacity to synthesize all the periods of this ancient technique, which goes back 30 centuries. She has obtained up to 300 shades of colors, using marble, granite, quartz & colored glass from all over the world.

"The joy of life and of creating things, together with an admiration of beauty in all its forms and its diffusion through art forms, like mosaics, painting and sculpture, are for me, despite quirks of fate, my goal in life. The present geniuses and those of past centuries have given us the necessary base for our current evolution and our future creativity. An intellectual and creative heritage is a genuine treasure for the human race and it belongs to our universe and each one of us. Thanks to this, we can have pride in what we do."
Mosaics are eternal: Due to the sharp and glowing colors of the material they are made from : gold & silver molten glass, mother-of-pearl, as well as quartz, marble & granite, as well as for their long lifespan; through the creation by an artist based on themes and according to different styles : contemporary, classic, secular, religious, etc… She can offer us extraordinary and unforgettable images that remain engraved on our conscience forever.

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Larissa recommends that you acquaint yourself with the magical beauty that is in Art. You will find for yourself, with the invaluable aid of this web page, works of art such as mosaics, paintings, sculptures or drawings that you can obtain for yourself, your family or friends.

The courses take place:

- Mondays, from 2 pm to 7 pm at La Chapelle des Pénitents, avenue du Consul, 13013 Château Gombert à Marseille.

- Tuesdays, from 10 am to 5 pm at La maison de quartier du Charrel, 13400 Aubagne.

- Thursdays from 9,30 am to 12,30 am & 6 pm to 8 pm at the Espace de l’Art Contemporain 361º (361º Contemporary Art Area), 2 rue de Annonciade (Place Ramus) in the centre of Aix-en-Provence.

- Each Thursday & Friday, from 2 pm to 7,30 pm at the Music room at L’Espace de Frédéric Mistral in Peyrolles-en-Provence.

This year (2017) the summer introductory course will take place from June 26 to July 7 inclusive from 2 pm to 6 pm (except Saturdays & Sundays) at the Chapelle des Pénitents, avenue du Consul, 13013 Château Gombert à Marseille. It will be accompanied by an exhibition of students from Larissa’s workshop. Preview on 29 June at 6 pm. Open to all the public.

For more information ring, Phone: 00 33 6 80 30 51 28

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